A Journey to Pride

Available Sept 1, 2010

Unlike our presentations, this program is 10 after school sessions in five weeks, followed by a day of two or three performances with your students as the actors.

For ten 1½ hour sessions your students will be trained after school at the school to learn the parts of one of our six plays. Each student will learn one part. Depending on the number of participants it can be from six to twenty-four students. We may end up with three casts and will spend one day doing our entire presentation to your school. More presentations can be done.

The Purpose
As with all of our programs we wish to engage students. By training them in their various roles they will explore the topics, discuss the topics and have a chance to express their ideas. This will lead to guidance in a fun setting and allow them to see the harm of certain behaviors. Also they will end up with some acting training!

All of our six plays will be available:
HIV and Pride: A Message from Rhonda – HIV, STDS, homophobia, teen pregnancy & domestic violence
Addiction and Pride: A Wild Night – drugs and alcohol, suicide, abuse, internalized homophobia, homophobia
Acceptance and Pride: Three of a Kind – homophobia, domestic violence - how hate leads to violence
Bullying and Pride: Revenge of the Nerd 2010 – bullying, violence and hate
Sex and Pride: A Kid – Sex is a drug
HIV 101: An Ordinary Kid (5-9th graders) HIV, STDS, homophobia, teen pregnancy & domestic violence