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Click on the images above to read letters of recommendation for Rick Mueller and Pride Not Prejudice.

Here are some quotes from students when asked about the important messages of the presentation, and why it takes courage to confront the issues raised:

"The most important message HIV and Pride has to offer is to care about yourself, always be safe, and that everyone is special. The easiest way to not receive an STD is to remain abstinent..."
-A male sophomore

"I think the most important message HIV and Pride offer is to talk when one is in trouble. It takes courage because it could be scary and intimidating to talk to someone about something personal."
-A 16 year old female junior

"The best way to stay HIV negative is to stay abstinent."
-A male junior

"Care about who you are. you are a unique, wonderful individual; be safe..."
-A female junior

"To always be protected and never let your partner influence you to have unprotected gives you a sense of pride for youself by just saying no to unprotected sex..."
-A 17 year old male

"To care about yourself and to be safe. Also, if you care about what you are doing, others will too. It takes courage to achieve this by just being strong and standing up for yourself, and doing what's right whether it makes you 'uncool' or whatever."
-A female junior

"The most important message HIV and Pride offer is that there are many ways you can protect yourself. One way is to get the courage to get yourself and partner tested without making your partner think you don't trust them. I learned never to underestimate the fact that you could get this virus."
-A female junior

"The important message of HIV and Pride offers is to always wrap it up. Always use a condom."
-A 17 year old junior

"The most important message HIV and Pride offers in my opinion is that if you are infected with HIV there are many places you can go to get help. Even in school, there are teachers or other adults you can speak to if you don't want or know how to tell your parents. It takes courage to achieve this because if you want to get your sickness under control, and get the right health care, you must go see someone about it in order to live longer than the expected life span of someone with HIV."
-A female junior